The founder of AÉRÉ, as well as the creator behind the unique essence of the brand, is the Danish designer, Tine Bøhm.

Tine graduated from the Danish Design School (KADK) and for nearly two decades, she has worked extensively, as an employed and an independent designer, on all aspects of the design profession, from trends research to concept and product development.

Having worked with intricate techniques and clothing disciplines, ranging from pattern making and draping to material and color composition, she has developed great artisanal skills.

This is portrayed through her many achievements including the Biennale Prize, a number of scholarships and an award from the Danish Arts Foundation.

Through the various endeavors she has launched within the industry, Tine closely watched how the system changed towards a fast-moving cycle that has led to an overproduction of clothes and the need for more sustainable alternatives. AÉRÉ represents her response as a solution for a more conscious use of fashion.

From her experience in the industry, she also gained great insight, knowledge and expertise on brand development, communication and business management, skills that are necessary for this venture.

Since she established AÉRÉ, in 2018, she occasionally gives lectures in sustainable fashion and teaches future designers on the entire design process, from idea development to production and finally presentation.