The essence of AÉRÉ 1:3
Redefining the fashion system

Confronting the fast-moving fashion system

Over her years of experience within the fashion industry, the founder of AÉRÉ, Tine Bøhm, observed the system progressively changing, reaching the current dispiriting phenomenon of over-produced and over-consumed clothes. The designer has had a long-standing opposition to this mechanism, however, the current critical situation urged her to turn her thoughts into actions and launch AÉRÉ, a brand with the vision of redefining the fashion system.

Aesthetic sustainability as the core of AÉRÉ

AÉRÉ is driven by the belief that the way to succeed at its mission and make the biggest impact on today’s quick fashion cycle is with long-lasting high-quality garments that can be worn in different ways and to many occasions. This notion can be described with the term aesthetic sustainability and it clearly defines the essence of AÉRÉ.

Elongating the lifespan of clothes

More in detail, AÉRÉ offers one core collection, to which styles are added occasionally, while all pieces are available for longer than the conventional seasons. All pieces are of high-quality and timeless design, making great staples that allow the customer to build a wardrobe that can be utilized for years and years.

Taking good care of our planet

AÉRÉ is also committed to making all garments as easily recyclable as possible, when they finally reach their end of their life. Thus, every fabric used is 100% made out of one specific material. To go the extra mile, every diverse part of the clothes has been designed to be easily separated so that all elements can be assorted to their distinct recycling section.

The essence of AÉRÉ 2:3
Aesthetic sustainability

The most fundamental way to change fashion consumption

AÉRÉ brings forward a novel rendition concerning the endorsement of sustainability in the fashion industry by following the concept of aesthetic sustainability, which has as its focal point the elongating of clothes’ lifespan. In the words of Kristine Harper, the author who first named this concept, aesthetic sustainability lies in the hypothesis that the most meaningful and fundamentally-changing way a designer can work with sustainability is by creating good, well-designed products that last in the long-haul.  In this way, a fashion brand can contribute in the development of more concious consumption patterns, where the consumer is more and more likely to buy fewer but better things.

Artisanal knowledge

As aforementioned, the core of this notion is to create clothing that is of high quality, long-lasting and timeless. Due to this complexity, bringing this concept to life is understandably a challenging mission for any brand, as it requires supreme craftsmanship and excellent understanding of design. Thus for AÉRÉ to be created, long hours and many years have been invested behind the scenes.

Modular designs

In order to achieve the creation of aesthetically sustainable fashion, AÉRÉ has developed the idea of modular styles, which constitutes designs that can be worn individually or combined perfectly with each other, and can be worn through many seasons, offering multiple style expressions. The brand even takes it one-step further and blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor clothing so to make AÉRÉ’s pieces truly cross-functional and great wardrobe staples. This, paired with high quality and enduring materials, makes AÉRÉ’s designs truly align with the brand’s core purpose of realizing aesthetic sustainability and offering consumers a guide and a solution for a more sustainable and conscious use of fashion.

The essence of AÉRÉ 3:3

Committed to the “woman being”

Alongside the aim of redefining the fashion system, AÉRÉ never has and never will compromise the sensuous and functional character of its designs. At AÉRÉ, all garments are created with a strong commitment to the “woman being” with the vision of designing clothing pieces that fit properly and make their wearers feel comfortable and wonderful in their every-day life.

Synergetic craftsmanship

The indispensable knowledge of women’s body figure and their lifestyle needs that lies in the core of AÉRÉ establishes a true synergy between mind (knowledge), hands (skills) and heart (emotions). This harmony is what enables the creation of AÉRÉ’s sensuous designs that are effortless, delicate and soulful.

The true experience

Despite our attempt to present the core of AÉRÉ over these three articles, the brand’s designs cannot be adequately conveyed through pictures nor text, as the garments need to be worn and felt first-hand for someone to fully understand their attention to detail. Thus, we welcome you to get in touch with us for an in-person introduction to our designs.