AÉRÉ is the sum of many years of work in the world of fashion with philosophy, sustainability and craftmanship combine with sensuousness as central focal points.

AÉRÉ is founded by designer, Tine Bøhm, and the ultimate vision, already from the early years of study, is – whatever the complexity – to make the design look effortless – so light, airy and obvious – as breathed on…

AÉRÉ is named from this vision.


AÉRÉs  products will be ”on the shelves” for a longer period than the few months which is common in the fashion system of today.

AÉRÉs modular suits and styles is a playground for new out fits for work, for ”going out” or for anywhere you want to go… also by a more sliding transitions between clothing for indoor and for outdoor use. 


AÉRÉ is aesthetic sustainability, functionality and ultimate craftmanship.  

AÉRÉ produts will become fashion icons rather than ”just” fashion.


At AÉRÉ the woman is in the center of all creations – she is the core.

The clothes must feel right and comfortable on the body. And the expression delicate & airy – AÉRÉ…

AÉRÉ is furthermore based on experience from eg. the project modular clothing, including Zeitgeist, long term trends and the need to create an alternative to the existing fashion system, but also to create clothes for women who value quality, sensuously clothing and ultimate craftmanship.

Tine Bøhm is graduated from The Danish Design School (KADK) and has ever since worked intensely with the clothing profession and has studied with issues such as Zeitgeist, long-term trends, concept development and mindset – and not least she has worked with specific techniques and clothing disciplines ranging from pattern making and draping to material and color composition and thereby obtained great experience and high craftsmanship. In addition, she has a great interest in anthropology, culturel sociology, technological development and research – and in our behavior and “why we do as we do …”

  • Scholarship, The Danish Arts Foundation       
  • Award for the project modular clothing SYSTEM, The Danish Arts Foundation, The Biennale for Arts and Crafts on Trapholt
  • Biennale Prize for Project Modular Clothing SYSTEM    Vejle Amt at The Biennale for Arts and Crafts on Trapholt
  • Scholarship “Methodology in clothing”, The Design Foundationn 
  • 1. Prize in Fur competition, Saga Fur