AÉRÉ operates with two to lines: TO FOLD and UNFOLDED

TO FOLD and UNFOLDED refers spontaneously to the utterly essential act of respectively fold or unfold a piece of fabric or an item of clothing. This is something we all do without even thinking we are doing it. This everyday deed – a natural grip – is an important mindset for the whole AÉRÉ universe.

Thought but not over-thought.

TO FOLD refers at the same time – and even more specifically to, two grips taken in the form-related aspect of the design process. These two grips simultaneously supplement and complement each other, and either in very clear and distinct ways or in more subtle ways – they will come to form part of the clothing.

UNFOLDED refers versus TO FOLD to no extravagant grips in the form-related aspect of the design process. UNFOLDED work intensively with proportions in suits – grouped into three main ”width proportions”: sLim, MEdi and LOOse. The idea behind the three categories is to work with basic proportions or archetypes; namely the slim, the regular and the loose silhouette.

AÉRÉs TO FOLD og UNFOLDED are continuous lines, with gliding transitions. AÉRÉ do not follow the traditional fashion system with several collection every year. AÉRÉ works with a much more sustainable cycle and and thus towards a more sustainable fashion system.

The individual styles have been thoroughly prepared and processed, and they are supposed to last for a long time and at the same time they have to be relevant and contemporary. The lines have been thought out and are well coordinated so that you can combine crisscrossing between the lines.

  • LONGERE TURNOVER PERIOD – all styles ”live” in a cycle for minimum three seasons, some styles are permanent, some styles eg. fur and jewelry are on demand
  • LONGER PRODUCT LIFE – well-thought-out and crafted products – down to the last detail
  • 95 % OF THE ASSORTMENT(range) IS 100% CLEAN MATERIALS – recyclable – towards the cradle to cradle principle
  • IN HOUSE PRODUCTION – prototype development and development of specific techniques
  • EUROPEAN PRODUCTION – all styles are produced in Europe
  • DANISH CRAFT TRADITIONS AND COOPERATION – selected styles and accessories respectively and for example fur and jewelry are produced in Denmark in collaboration with Danish craftsmen such as furrier and jewelers